The Environment – friendly project has been adapted to be primarily aimed at households, because according to some research, households as the final consumer contribute as much as 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. By changing their habits and using more environmentally friendly technologies, households can take an important step towards creating a more environmentally friendly society.

Although the main goal of the project is to change life habits and establish sustainable values at the level of households and individuals, the implementation of the project is carried out through education in schools, activation of children and adolescents. Based on their activities, the wider local community is also involved.

How do we become an Environment – friendly household?

Sign in to the My Skills app. Solve questionnaires relating to your habits in different areas and assess greenhouse gas emissions for mobility, nutrition and home areas. Use questionnaires to find out where you rank with your current life habits.

In order for the household to be named an Environment – friendly household, it must, on average, collect at least 35 points for lifestyle questionnaires. In calculating the annual greenhouse gas emissions, households should not exceed 2,5 tone/year of emissions and must not produce more than 100 kg/year of mixed waste per family member.

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